A chance encounter on Waterloo Bridge one night changes the course of two mens lives.


While crossing Waterloo Bridge in London one night, downtrodden office worker Matthew meets the larger than life Danny, a hard-talking soldier on a mission to jump into the River Thames before he ships out. Though what starts as a chance meeting soon turns into a night that will change both their lives forever in this comic drama about modern manhood based on a true story.



ON THE BRIDGE is based on a true story that happened to the writer’s brother one night when he met a soldier on Waterloo Bridge. Inspired by this amazing story Elena decided to turn it into a short film and after joining forces with director Sameer Patel and producer Danny de Warren this budding bromance was born.

Director Sameer Patel

Directors Notes

ON THE BRIDGE is a dynamic film with dark humour at its core. Matthew is an intelligent and slightly repressed IT worker caught in his own world like many Londoners. One night as he crosses Waterloo Bridge like he does every night he meets Danny a soldier, war torn and strife ridden, his way of confronting his fears before he 'ships out' is jumping off bridges. In Danny, Matthew finds a way out of his own world and for a moment his world will change.


ON THE BRIDGE was a way for me to look at London, the place where I was born and lived my whole life, in a slightly different perspective. In this new London, when we open up to the different people and cultures around us, we face our fears and perhaps grow by seeing there is nothing to fear at all. As a filmmaker I am interested in exploring the possibilities that such a socially and culturally diverse city can bring if people just choose to be a little more open.


ON THE BRIDGE was shot frenetically and close with lots of tight lenses to give a feel of Matthews real time journey with Danny. In 10 minutes we see Matthew move through a big character change so I required great actors to achieve this and was lucky enough to have Christopher Tester for Matthew and Dean Lennox Kelly as Danny.


As a filmmaker I wanted to show London like Woody Allen, or Spike Lee might shoot New York, as I feel that London should have its own cinematic feel that has been underrepresented in cinema. Shooting on Waterloo Bridge gave me that opportunity as it has a growing iconic skyline with such deep perspectives and so many lights in the background the tight lenses really gave beautiful backdrops to each scene.



ON THE BRIDGE is co-funded by Film London and Wandsworth Borough Council as part of a London borough-funding scheme supported by the Bfi and Creative Skillset. Thanks to family and friends and some very generous supporters, the rest of the budget was raised via crowdfunding on indiegogo.